Starting a new Adult in your Group – Process to Add to Compass and get Access NI Check Completed.

It is extremely important that this process is followed before any adult starts working within any section in County Down.

Step 1 – Get new leader to registering with Access NI

Appendix 1 will help you with this section.

Ask the new leader to access the Access NI website and create an account using their own personal details. If the new adult does not have an email address it is important sets them up with an email account in their own name. This can be done for them by you or a Group Contact (or by someone they know who can use the internet) a free email can be set up using either Gmail or Hotmail website. The new applicant (supported if required) then needs to log in to the access NI website and activate their account.

Step 2 – Arrange a Meeting with New Leader

Appendix 2 should be given to the new leader.

The GSL should arrange a meeting with the new adult and they are required to bring the the items listed on the invitation letter to the meeting. The information below will all be required to complete the online Access NI Form.

Step 3 – GSL and New Leader Meet (Internet Access will be required meeting Venue)

The Information Form (appendix 3) is completed by the GSL or Group Contact during the meeting with the new leader.

You the GSL will then log in to Compass using your own log in details. If you’re not sure how to register or log in watch the short video by clicking on the link below.

Video (registering and logging into compass)

Step 4 – Adding New Leader to Compass

You are now ready to add all the personal details of the new adult and create them as a new member. From Compass you will be given a membership number for the new adult. New Leaders will be recorded in their Section in their Group, Occasion Helpers will only be recorded against the Group and not the Section they are working in. If you are not sure how to add a new leader watch the short video by clicking on the link below.

Video (adding new adult to compass)

Step 5 – Completing Online Access NI Check

You then ask the new adult to complete an Access NI check. Click on the following link to apply for an enhanced.

Complete Access NI Check

The new leader will use their own log in details, which they would have received via their personal email when completing step 1

Appendix 4 will help you complete this section.

You must use the pin number 238268 and the organisation Reference ’The Scout Association. When the check is completed the new adult will be sent a confirmation email.

The new Adult should keep a Record of their 10 digit Reference number.

Step 6 – Advising District that a new Access has been completed

The process is completed by completing Part D of the Information Form (appendix 3) and forwarding it to the Appointments Secretary. Once the Appointment Secretary is advised that the Access NI Disclosure contains no information the new leader will continue through the rest of the appointments process as advised by the Appointments Secretary.

Documents required

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