Completing the disclosure process

The safeguarding of young people in our care is very important.  The Scout Association has various processes in place to ensure that appropriate adults can take up volunteering opportunities; one element being the requirement of a Disclosure check.

Which roles require a disclosure check?

When an adult volunteers with Scouting they are added to Compass.  Depending on the role they have chosen, a Disclosure check may be required.
Compass knows this automatically and will inform the user if a Disclosure check is required.  Compass also provides reminders at regular intervals before a volunteer’s Disclosure check expires.  This will enable early action to obtain a new Disclosure check.

In addition to notifications directly to the volunteer, the line manager, relevant Commissioner and local Appointment Secretary will also receive regular notifications of those volunteers who need to complete a new Disclosure check.

It is important to keep email addresses up to date on Compass so that members do not miss these alerts.

The Appointment Process chapter in Policy, Organisation & Rules sets out in full which roles require a Disclosure check.

How do I complete a disclosure application?

The process for completing a Disclosure application depends on the country the appointment is within.  Click on the relevant country below for more information.

Northern Ireland

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